Multifamily Business Plan

Agostino · April 15, 2020

Multifamily Business Plan

To win deals, you need to have a business plan to find and close real estate deals.  With the “Multifamily Business Plan” program, you will learn, step-by-step, how to outline your investment strategy, portfolio holdings, the market you will invest in and define your team. It clarifies what you will do and how you will do it!

When it comes to raising capital, the goal of the MBP is to convey to investors your focus on a specific niche. The investor wants to know how you are going to make money on a deal and when they will get paid back. The MBP describes in detail the opportunity and why they should invest with you.

The MBP can also be used to secure lender financing – especially if you are establishing a new relationship with a lender. 

In any case, the MBP will make it easier for you to go out there, source deals and raise all the capital you need to get your deals done!

What is a Multifamily Business Plan (MBP)?

A Multifamily Business Plan is a document that introduces you to financial institutions. It opens the conversation, gets your audience engaged, and explains the reasons why you are worthy of their investments or loans.

The MBP includes details of yourself, like your professional experience and past successes to prove that you can put your ideas into action and that you are likely to have a winning deal.

The way you put your MBP together and the way you pitch it will have a large effect on the way financial institutions see you and on the loans and investments that you can get. Paying attention to these details is crucial to your success.

What You’ll Learn

This program walks you through creating and pitching your MBP to win the hearts and minds of your audience. By the end of the course, you will:

  • Learn how to build powerful business case studies that get noticed by inventors, lenders and brokers.
  • Separate yourself from “the newbie” investor and establish those critical relationships with the real estate brokers who have the deals you need.
  • Describe in detail your strategy, your plan to purchase value-add properties, the team supporting you, case studies and how you will purchase future properties.

All information is included with the course – including templates and online links to get access to graphics.

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