Multifamily Underwriting Workshop

Agostino · January 23, 2021

Multifamily Underwriting Workshop

As a real estate entrepreneur, you have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize the returns of the asset you are buying. To do this,  you need to underwrite the asset as best you can. You have to do the upfront work to calculate what the returns of the project are going to look like, determine the right valuation, and assess the true value versus income. In this course, you’ll learn how to achieve all this.

In this 4-week online group workshop, you bring your own deals and have Agostino help you underwrite them before you commit, or just listen in and take notes! These 60-minute workshop sessions provide a great support system and will help you understand deals, why people like or dislike deals and gain insights from other people’s experience on a live Zoom call. We also record the session for you to access and go back and watch at a later time so you can take a closer look at the underwriting performed on your deal. And, because Agostino personally leads the group of 10 people max, you will definitely get eyes on YOUR deal! You will walk away from a deal review with actionable ideas of YOUR deal.

This course is designed for those that want experienced eyes assessing deals with them – side by side – and prevent costly mistakes.

Once you join, you’ll be able to:

✔ Join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs

✔ Get Agostino’s guidance on your deal so you KNOW if you should proceed with the deal or not

✔ Improve your underwriting skills as we assess the deals brought by the other group members

✔ Get faster at deal underwriting, as you become an expert and learn rules of thumb

✔ Weekly calls (4 calls total) for the next month to review YOUR deals

✔ Get unlimited access to our “Multifamily Underwriting” online course while you are in the program

Learn Anytime, Implement From Anywhere

There will be four 60-minute Group Sessions. The format is video conference call with phone-in option. The program is designed to answer your questions, get deal-specific advice, and to get you to take action!

All the video sessions will be recorded. You will get access to the deal underwriting so you can go back and see how your question was answered AND you can practice underwriting your own deals.

The group will be limited to 3-7 people. Everyone in the group will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement. Rest assured that everything shared with the group will be kept to ourselves.

*IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimer Agostino is a multifamily real estate professional and his results are not typical. His experiences are not a guarantee you will make money. Consult your attorney and financial advisor before making major financial decisions.

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