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Agostino · January 23, 2021

One-on-One Multifamily Coaching

OK. You already understand what multifamily is. Maybe you have studied it for several weeks, months, or even years. What’s stopping you from getting into your first deal? Fear? Lack of confidence? Lack of knowledge?

Get Ready To Level Up.

You wouldn’t believe how common it is that people who have studied multifamily real estate for years or who have paid tens of thousands of dollars to gurus, still don’t make their first deal. And some of these coaches are not even in the business!

Seeing this, people have come to us asking for mentoring and coaching. So, as true operators that are ACTUALLY in the business, we created our own one-on-one coaching program. So far, all students who have been closely mentored by Agostino have closed or are about to close a multifamily deal. Some of them didn’t even use their own money!

If you commit to doing the work, we can take you from where you are today to the beginning of a successful career as a multifamily investor.

Our One-on-One Program will:

  • Guide you through landing your first multifamily deal.
  • Give you actual “boots on the ground” experience that is not covered in any textbook.
  • Expose you to ACTUAL DEALS: Walking properties, learning real-world lessons and meeting other players in the real estate business.
  • Give you access to the BCF team – property managers, contract attorneys, accounting specialists, asset managers, tax professionals, lenders and more – all the people you will need to buy and operate a property.
  • Teach you tactics and strategies to evaluate, underwrite, invest, and manage multifamily investments in any economic environment.
  • Teach you how to pitch investors to raise money and get a deal financed with a lender.
  • Give you real-world advice according to your situation.
  • Expose you to books and knowledge that will challenge your limiting beliefs, change your mindset, make you a better negotiator, and prepare you to deal with the multifamily real estate business.
  • Give you lifetime access to the Multifamily Accelerator Course, the most complete online course on the multifamily business that will be your reference as you grow your real estate career.

The Goal

The goal of the 7-week program is to prepare you to get into your first deal and put you on the path to financial freedom. We coach a select group of people aspiring to become multifamily real estate entrepreneurs. The program is reserved for those that REALLY want to change their life. That said, we only accept people that are motivated and committed.This coaching program is designed to make some great things happen in your life, so get ready for big things coming for you. I have already helped many others get into deals and I’d like to do the same for you.

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