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Why Underwriting?

Mac April 12, 2020

Lesson Overview

As a real estate syndicator, you have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize the returns of the asset you are buying. To do this, you need to underwrite the asset as best you can. You have to do the upfront work to calculate what the returns of the project are going to look like, determine the right valuation, and assess the true value versus income. In this course, you’ll learn how to achieve all this.

In this section, you will learn X about underwriting a deal.

The underwriting program is broken up into two parts: Part 1 explains what you will look for as you unpack a deal. This part is broken up into 9 sections. Part 2 will have examples along with actual walkthroughs using these steps as you see my screen and watch the process.
In Part 1, we will cover performing a quick analysis, materials needed for an initial underwriting, making assumptions for post-acquisition so you can determine the right valuation, lining up the financing, creating an exit strategy, and submitting an offer to get to a purchase agreement. As we go through the program, I will mention side notes related to that topic. These are usually tips and tricks I personally use when doing deals of my own. I will also make reference to downloads and other reference videos for you to check out and use.

Program Structure



Another big part of this program is the Deal Review Group Meetings. These meetings provide a great support system and will help you understand deals, why people like or dislike deals and gain insights from other people’s experience on a live phone call. We also record the session for you to access and go back and watch at a later time or – if we review your deal – get the underwriting performed on your deal so you improve your underwriting.