There is No Time

The famed basketball player Kobe Bryan once said “the one mistake we make in life is believing we have time.” 

The truth is, we don’t.

We often think that time is ours to waste. Sometimes we even say, “We have an hour to kill” or we talk of time between events or projects. The truth is that TIME is the one that is killing us. Each hour, minute and second that passes is not just dead to us, it brings us closer to being dead.

How many times have you heard? “I don’t have time.” 

The whole world is using this excuse. It’s the “go to” excuse.

You may hear this from the people you work with. Sometimes, you say it yourself.

When you hear yourself say this, remind yourself “that’s my go to excuse for not making time. It’s my go to excuse for not solving problem. It’s my go to excuse for not being in control of my time, my day, and my life.”

The truth is you have the time for the things that matter, that help you get to your specific goals. Cut out and eliminate the people and tasks that are not central to your goals and mission. Control your time. Maximize your efforts on this planet while you can.

Don’t waste time. Seize the day. Make it count.

Be Bulletproof.

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